About High Stakes Retrievers


I'm Kathy Riese Karelitz, with Moose (HRCH High Stakes Just Desserts MH)

My interest and passion for the Labrador breed and enthusiasm for the sport of retrieving began in 1989 while I was living in New Orleans, La. A co-worker bought a Lab for hunting, and eventually bred her. With that litter, I was hooked. I became active with the South Louisiana Retriever Club, and the Ponchartrain Hunting Retriever Club.  With the help of club members and a local trainer, I began learning how train and handle my dogs.

I eventually bought Candy, my first gundog, and soon after, Buck (High Stakes Gamblin' Mann), destined to be my field trial dog. Buck competed in Derby and Qualifying stakes, while Candy ran in hunt tests. The same co-worker's dog had another litter in 1990, and Raisin picked me to be her new owner.

In addition to handling my dogs to a number of hunt test titles,  I have judged several hunt tests and field trial Derby stakes. I need to judge 1 more minor stake at a field trial to become a lead minor stake judge.  

In August 1995 I moved to the Charlotte area where I have been fortunate to find friends in the Labrador community who are very knowledgeable in the area of conformation. I became dissatisfied with the look of my Labradors, and wanted to improve their appearance while keeping the field abilities. After further study, I decided to "cross" breed my females to males that have been successful in the show ring and could demonstrate field ability.

The addition of conformation bloodlines has given my dogs and puppies more of the appearance I want, while keeping the temperament I demand, and the working ability I desire. Each litter and successive generation reinforces my objective to produce a dual purpose Labrador.