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All books listed under each category are books that I own, and have read in the past. Some are recommended reading, some, unfortunately, are not as good as I had expected.

 In addition to the books listed, I own a number of books on diseases of the Labrador, reproduction, breeding, and genetics.

Scroll down or click on the topic you would like to explore, and you will be taken to that list of books. The books in each topic are listed alphabetically, and not by recommendation or preference.



Advanced Labrador Breeding             Mary Roslin Williams  
All about the Labrador
                      Mary Roslin-Williams
How to Raise and Train a Labrador Retriever
           Stan Henschel
Labrador Retrievers for Dummies                  Joel Walton and Eve Adamson
The Dual-Purpose Labrador               Mary Roslin-Williams
The Labrador Retriever          Dorothy Howe
The Labrador Retriever      Lorna, Countess Howe and Geoffrey Waring
The Labrador Retriever – The History … The People            Richard A. Wolters
The Official Book of the Labrador Retriever              The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc



Choosing a Dog for Dummies            Chris Walkowicz
Dogs for Dummies                 
Gina Spadafori
Housetraining for Dummies
                Susan McCullough
How to Raise a Puppy You can Live With     
Clarice Rutherford & David H. Neil, M.R.C.V.S.
Puppies for Dummies
              Sarah Hodgson
Puppy Preschool                    
John Ross and Barbara McKinney
The Art of Raising A Puppy   
            The Monks of New Skete



 Agility Training                       Jane Simmons-Moake
Beyond Basic Dog Training
                Diane L. Bauman
Dog Training by Bash            
Bashkim Dibra
Dog Training  
                        Jack Volhard and Wendy Volhard
Dog Tricks
                  Captain Arthur J. Haggerty and Carol Lea Benjamin
Getting in TTouch with Your Dog
                  Linda Tellington-Jones
Good Dog, Bad Dog – Dog Training Made Easy
       Mordecai Siegal & Matthew Margolis
How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend
                 The Monks of New Skete
Mother Knows Best
                Carol Lea Benjamin
Open and Utility Training – The Motivational Method
          Jack & Wendy Volhard
Successful Dog Training
         Michael Kamer, O.S.B.
Surviving Your Dog’s Adolescence    
            Carol Lea Benjamin
Switching Sides – Making the Transition from Obedience to Agility
            Kay Guetzloff
The Canine Good Citizen
       Jack & Wendy Volhard
The Complete Book of Dog Obedience – The Guide for Trainers                 
Blanche Saunders
The Complete Open Obedience Course
          Blanche Saunders
The Dog Whisperer
                 Paul Owens with Norma Eckroate
The Koehler Method of Dog Training           
William Koehler
Therapy Dogs – Training Your Dog to Reach Others
Kathy Diamond Davis
Training and Explaining- How to be the Dog Trainer You Want to Be
          Job Michael Evans
Training You to Train Your Dog
                     Blanche Saunders
Training Your Dog
                 Joachim Volhard and Gail Tamases Fisher
Uncle Matty’s Ultimate Guide to Dog Training        
Mordecai Siegal and Matthew Margolis



Charles Morgan on Retrievers            Edited by Ann Fowler & D. L. Walters
Retriever Puppy Training – The Right Start for Hunting
       Loveland and Rutherford
Retriever Training for the Duck Hunter        
Robert Milner
Retriever Training Tests
                     James B. Spencer
Retriever Working Certificate Training
          Clarice Rutherford, Barbara Branstad, and Sandra Whicker
The Retriever Game
                Boyd Gibbons
Training Retrievers: The Cotton Pershall Method
     Bobby N. George, Jr.
Training the Hunting Retriever
           Bill Tarrant
Training Your Retriever
                      James Lamb Free
Tri-tronics Retriever Training
             Jim and Phyllis Dobbs with Alice Woodyard



101 Uses for a Lab     Photography by Dale C. Spartas
Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog
       Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, D.V.M.
How to Photograph Dogs – A Comprehensive Guide
            Kerrin Winter and Dale Churchill
Just Labs                    
Photographs by Dale C. Spartas           Text by Steve Smith
Just Retrievers                       
Chuck Petrie    Ducks Unlimited, Inc
Labrador Tales - A Celebration of America’s Favorite Dog
John Arrington & Walt Zientek
Love of Labs – The Ultimate Tribute to Labrador Retrievers
          Voyageur Press
Season’s Belle – A Labrador Retriever’s First Year
              Bob Butz
The Dog’s Drugstore
     Richard W. Redding, D.V.M., M.Sc., Ph.D, and Myrna L. Papurt, D.V.M., B.Sc.
The Gospel According to Brodie – Lessons from a Blind Labrador
  Jennifer Rees Larcombe
Through Otis’ Eyes
- Lessons from a Guide Dog Puppy        Patricia Burlin Kennedy and Robert Christie
Upland Passage – A Field Dog’s Education
              Robert F. Jones